Friday, March 23, 2012

Spam, spam, eggs and spam...

Enough with the fucking spam!
I have noticed that not only have I been receiving spam in my email, but also on WhatsApp and my phone. I hate spam as much as I hate telemarketers. Yet, friends, family and acquaintances continue to send the damn stuff.

When I receive spam from you, this is my reaction:

I am done with people whose only email contact with me is the latest chain mail or hoax going around.

I am done with clearing my inbox of all the game invitations and twinkly sparkly 'angels are surrounding you' crap.

Don't EVER send me:

* Stupid chain letters promising me miracles/money/hugs/whatever other crap that will come to me if I send this on to at least 20 of my friends.

* Warnings that the Sandton SPCA is closing down/gangs are waiting to follow me home and kill me/sick little girl stories/free Blackberry if you email this person. These are hoaxes. Before clicking forward and send, why not check these things out on Snopes, Hoax Buster or Hoax Slayer?

* Twinkly, sparkly 'the angels love you today' bullshit. No fairy crap either

* Any "I have forwarded this to you, my friend, because you are my best friend and I love and send this on to your friends and if you send it back to me I will know you are my true friend". My friends know who they are - and they don't like spam shit either.

* Pictures of half-clad men - I am a lesbian for goodness' sake! WTF would I want to see a half naked man for?

* Jokes about how stupid women are. See the note above - lesbian AND a feminist

* Prayer chains
* Invitations to any games ending with -ville. Or any games at all.

Please also note that from now on, when I receive 'inspirational' messages that focus on the particular religion practiced by the sender, I will be responding with an inspirational message of my own from a random, obscure religion. If you're going to push your religion on me, I will be pushing back.

If you have my email address, you have it because I trust you enough to have it. Forward me the stuff you know I find fascinating and interesting. If you know me at all, you will know I can't stand the crap that some people send.



  1. Yes! Absolutely agree. I have a friend who seems to spend one afternoon per week forwarding this rubbish onto everyone in her address book. Of course this is my problem and I should deakl with it, i.e. ask her not to send it to me, but I find that difficult...............

    1. I did too until I received continued spam from my cousin. I asked her nicely not to include me in these emails. She persisted and I sent her that picture of Yoda. She has since stopped.

  2. This is one of the reasons I made a new email address. Also, in Hotmail [maybe GMail too?] you can block someone from emailing you - their emails automatically get deleted.

    1. Yup - I think gmail has it too. My cousin, the spammer who started this whole thing, has stopped spamming me.