Friday, July 27, 2012

Call Me Reverend.

So, Maddies and I have been interested in opening an investment savings account with Nedbank. I phoned last week Thursday and gave them all the details they needed and they sent back some forms, which I refused to sign as they were incorrect. They got our address wrong and they had me down as 'Mrs' - after I told them I am 'Ms'.

Today, just over a week later, they finally decided to return my phonecall (after numerous calls placed to their AskOnce helpline; and I had to ask more than once).

The lady I spoke to, Melanie, wanted to know why we hadn't returned the forms. I gave her the whole story. She asked me what was incorrect. I told her. And then, she argued with me and it went something like this:

Me: "I am not 'Mrs'"

Melanie: "I do have you down as married out of community of property. I am not sure where I may have gone wrong with that information."

Me: "That information is correct."

Melanie: "Then you ARE a 'Mrs'"

Me: "I am certainly not. I am 'Ms'"

Melanie: "Could you please tell me WHY?" (REALLY? WTF? Is this woman serious or stupid?)

I then launch into a brief history of feminism, as I wrote HERE in Adventures in Dykeville as Kitty van Dyke.

Me: "I choose to call myself 'Ms' because I do not belong to a man. I am a lesbian who is married to a woman."

Melanie: "Why didn't you tell me all that when we filled out the telephonic form?" (This chick really has a death wish.)

Me (really pissed off now): "I don't feel I have to justify either my sexuality or my title to anyone, and most certainly not to a stranger from a bank."

Melanie (sounding self-righteous): "Well, it's Nedbank's policy to use those terms."

Me: "Nedbank's policy is archaic. Nedbank's service sucks donkey arse. And if Nedbank has an issue with calling me 'Ms', they can call me 'Reverend'."

Nedbank is going to get a very nice (not) letter from me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Inspiration Avenue - Swirls

All the swirls I started drawing fresh for this challenge looked really naff, so I am submitting a photo of a painting I did of the Goddess Astarte, who appeared  through swirls of light in a vision. I hope the folks over at Inspiration Avenue are cool with that.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some of My Paintings

These are photographs of some of the paintings of done. Something gets lost in photographing a painting. But you get the idea. All works are oil on canvas or oil on canvas board.



Green Man




Monday, July 9, 2012

Inspiration Avenue - FLY

Vlad, The Ice Mosquito

For Inspiration Avenue, I submit a cartoon of Vlad, The Ice Mosquito.