Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kintsugi in Daily Life

Last night I dreamt about Kintsugi. I dreamt that I had a turquoise coloured bowl, which I had dropped and it had broken in two. I took it to an artisan who practiced Kintsugi, who repaired it for me. The broken bowl came back to me with a beautiful gold seam running across where the break had been.

The art of Kintsugi originated in Japan. Broken ceramic and porcelain items are repaired using a technique of applying a lacquer that is inlaid with gold. The broken item comes back even better than new, which is the whole idea. The idea was to make something truly beautiful out of something that was once broken and unwanted.

It's a wonderful metaphor for life. My life, at least. I can't speak for anyone else's. I admit that I have been a broken human being. I see that, acknowledge it and accept it. For me, Nichiren Buddhism became my Kintsugi and I am sure there are dozens of seams of gold running through me. Not only repaired, but better than before.

I don't think you have to be a Nichiren Buddhist to appreciate how we've been shaped by adversity and how each obstacle has been an opportunity to add a seam of gold to our souls.

And this year has been particularly trying. This year I have added several gold seams. Realising that Kintsugi can be a metaphor for life, though, has made me feel more comfortable with the challenges I have faced - and those that are still to come.

And Now.... A Meme...

Thank you, Kerry. Don't mind if I do.... 

I am: alive and mostly sane

I have: clean underwear

I know: how to tell the time, dress myself and recognise the people around me. I hope this will not change when I get old.
I think: too much.
I don’t think: a sense of humour is a frivolous thing to have
I want: (right now) a cappuccino, my duvet, vintage jazz and a good book
I like: cats, writing, reading, singing, art-ing 
I dislike: being touched (did you see that coming?)
I hate: cruelty
I dream: most bizarre dreams, some vivid and some lucid. Most entertaining.
I fear: heights, escalators and lifts
I am annoyed: when people touch me after I tell them I don't like being touched
I crave: the life of an artist
I search: the Buddha within
I hide: my insecurities behind self-deprecating humour
I wonder: if there really are aliens from outer space and if they do exist, why they are so obsessed with probing our butts. After all we are talking about an advanced civilisation that uses space travel. Surely they'd have scans for that sort of thing?
I just can’t help: straightening piles of magazines in waiting rooms
I regret: many things
I love: my wife and our beautiful furry family
I can’t live without: coffee
I try to: be grown up. I don't like it much.
I enjoy: art-ing
I don’t care: what you think of me
I never want to: go bungee jumping
I believe: we are all one
I dance:ZUMBA!
I sing: where no one can hear me. Which is a shame, because I do have a good singing voice. I wonder why I do that.
I argue: about the stupid shit
I win: when it comes to getting up after being knowcked down
I lose: keys - often.
I wish: that I had followed the calling in my soul when I was young enough to do something with it
I listen: to vintage jazz when I want to be cheered up.
I don’t understand: maths
I forget: things more often than I used to. This worries me.
I am happy: with all I have in my life right now.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Inspiration Avenue - Seasons - The Green Man

A painting of The Green Man, who is said to come out at Spring  and help the season to change. He's quite fun to paint. This is the second painting I have done of him. He rocks.