Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do One Brave Thing...

Over a period of three days, I have been reminded of something from three very different people. I am a believer in the Universal Baseball Bat.


The law of the universal baseball bat states that the universe will tap you on the shoulder once or twice - three times if you're lucky. After that, it brings out the baseball bat.

Knowing and understanding the law of The Universal Baseball Bat has saved me several times from being clobbered.

The three people who approached me about the same thing - they're the three shoulder taps.

You see, when I was a kid, I wanted very much to be a doctor. I got toy stethoscopes and thermometers and other doctorly gifts for my birthday. I even got a model of the skeleton and the organs that you had to build yourself. I was going to be a doctor one day.

Then at thirteen, someone burst that bubble for me. No more doctor - now I was going to be an opera singer. And then that bubble burst.

So now, I begin a journey for a dream. One that involves doing Matric physics and maths when I never did them before in the first place, when I graduated high school 21 years ago... It will involve me being in the same class with students half my age, where I would be old enough to be their mother... It would involve six years of my life.

A journey begins with a single step, though. And that first step for me is to find an institution that would let me take classes in maths and physics.

Then I need to pass the exam.

And I would only end up going to university in 2014 in any case. And I have never been to university.

Leap and the net will appear, eh?

So here goes...


  1. You can do it! I went to university for the first time when I was about 38 (with two young chuildren) to retrain as a teacher. It was hard but I enjoyed it and was successful.

    1. thanks, Jan! It's just scary. Did you feel that too, when you went back to study?

  2. Only just found this... Um no, not scary, I think I was too old for it to be scary and there were a lot of us more 'mature' students so we formed a big group. I had two young children at the time and I think I was just too busy to be scared!