Thursday, March 8, 2012

Maths and I have never been good friends...

I started to dislike maths the day we started doing fractions. It did my head in.

Later on, instead of numbers, there were all these letters - x + y = xy. WTF? That makes no damn sense!

In high school, I wrote silly poetry in maths class and passed these notes to my friends Dori and Orly who contributed to the silliness. I paid very little attention.

In my second term of matric, I switched my standard grade maths to Business Economics. Also boring, but a little more manageable. Maths and I had parted ways and I was showing my teachers the finger: See? You were wrong! I will NEVER need algebra in my life.

Until now, when I find myself eating humble pi. Yes. PI.

In order to get a foot in the door at chiropractic school, I need maths, physics and biology. I have the biology. Not so much the maths and physics.

I guess that maths and I will have to work together now.

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