Friday, May 3, 2013

The Simple Woman's Day Book

I thought I would give this a shot. Sounds interesting. It comes from a blog called The Simple Woman's Day Book: 


Outside my window... I have no window. I work in a windowless office.

I am thinking... it would be nice to have a large decaf cappuccino right now.

I am thankful... that I spoke to my cousin for a long while last night and we both managed to release some grief

In the kitchen... the kettle is boiling

I am wearing... my favourite African shirt with jeans

I am creating... documents to be sent out for a law firm

I am my cousin Linsay for dinner tonight

I am my wife's day is going

I am reading... The Gabriel Method

I am hoping...that someone will offer to make tea soon

I am looking forward to...the one week holiday we have planned for June

I am learning to be more mindful

Around the house...I am certain the cats are wandering

I am pondering...what the next chapter in my life will reveal.
A favorite quote for today... "Life is too short for bullshit"
One of my favorite things... cuddling with the dogs and cats. Especially in winter.

A few plans for the rest of the week: making music with Justin and catching up with Dori

A peek into my day...
I was in the office at twenty to eight this morning. Working flat out since. I could use a power nap around about now.


  1. I relate to several of these (a holiday in June, pondering about the next chapter, etc.), but especially this one:
    "I am learning to be more mindful." It's a big goal.

    But not so much "cuddling with the dogs and cats" ha. (Allergic to cats)

    Thanks for sharing your Daybook.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Learning to be more mindful is a challenge and it seems that simply deciding to be more mindful, the universe likes to hand you several things that put that to the test. All at once.

  2. Nice day book :)

  3. Thanks, Jennifer. I am usually in the office at 7am, so I was a little late that day. I am not naturally an early bird and by no stretch of the imagination a morning person, but it seems that I have somehow adapted.