Friday, May 31, 2013


Five Minute Fridays with Lisa-Jo Baker. This week's prompt: Imagine. Take five minutes. Write without stopping, editing, backtracking. See what happens.

I was quite taken in by The Secret when it first came out. The whole idea that you change your destiny using ONLY YOUR MIND! I like things like that. You can imagine yourself healthier, fitter, richer, with the partner of your dreams and hey presto the Universe will hand the things you want to you on a plate. How nice is that? Ask and you shall receive. Thoughts become things. Manifest your desires.

What The Secret failed to mention is that you also have to put in the work. It's really nice to think that if you just sat in your lounge and imagined your life as you would like it, the Manifestation Fairy (or, more accurately, according to The Secret, the Manifestation GENIE) would descend from the heavens and grant your three wishes.


Decide what it is you wish to create. Imagine it in detail. Yes, by all means. But also, get off your butt and find a way to make it happen.

My dad was a deeply spiritual Christian and he always said that God helps those who help themselves and who are prepared to meet him halfway. I may be a Buddhist, but I incorporate what he taught me in my Buddhist practice: The Universe helps those who help themselves. Navel gazing, on its on, while nice, will not bring about the realisation of goals.

Om shanti om and all that.


  1. I like that: "Decide what it is you wish to create...but also get off your butt and find a way to make it happen." Or, as a writer, more to the point is, get your butt in the chair and make it happen. Thanks for the reminder that imagination is only the first half of the process!

  2. "Get off your butt and find a way to make it happen." Haha...something I have to tell myself every day. Yep, I've got dreams, but those aren't going to happen if I don't actually go chase them. (Because I'm pretty sure book deals don't just fall out of the sky!) Thank you for this...and for being real. Hope your weekend is a good one! Blessings! :)

    1. Dreams are not realised by navel gazing alone. A good dollop of elbow grease works well in conjunction with the navel gazing.