Wednesday, May 9, 2012

God, The Devil and a Rastafarian Shapeshifter

A cartoon I did of the dream

I had an odd dream:

I am in a beat up blue Ford Anglia, driving around, looking for the way home. In the backseat are God, The Devil and a Rastafarian Shapeshifter. I find myself driving from daylight into a dark forest, where it's night. I have no idea where I am. There is an old sign, but the letters have worn down to illegible. So I look up into the rearview mirror and I ask God: "Where are we?"

God replies: "I don't know."

Me: "Then you can't be God. If you were, you would know where we are."


  1. Interesting dream. The cartoon's good! I like to think that some dreams have meanings, but I think a lot of mine are just random things that I've been thinking of.

    When I came back to the Church, I didn't confess everything, I just glossed over the things I'd said about the Bible and the Church because I was ashamed. I felt guilty, though.

    I had a dream where someone told me I had to confess everything, and I did a few days later. I would like to think it was a divine message, or it could easily have been because I was feeling guilty. Either way, it did lead me to do what was right.

    1. Thanks for the compliment about the cartoon. I hope to put up more. I doodle a lot.

      I also think some dreams are messages, while others are the product of consuming cheese just before bed.

      I have interesting Jesus dreams, though. Had one once in which Jesus and Wonder Woman played a basket ball game against each other.

  2. It would seem your being given a Rastafarian as a guide in your dream for protection. To also make you question your overstanding of God/Devil. " Beware of False Kings/Prophets" ... Rasta operates in trinity.. showing you have a choice between god, the devil , or Rastafari. you probably had 2 devils and a Rasta in your Anglia ( Angel ) Trust friend, if Rasta in your dream, it is significant, A higher doorway that no man made travelator can reach... Rasta aligns with the pure of heart, d'evil seaks out pure of heart more than the corrupt hearted, as the pure need to fall... the fallen are already fallen... Acknowledge the heights of your dream. Rise up to the challenge ;').. LOL One Love & Guidance Eternal Jah

    1. Thanks. I would never have thought of the dream in that way.