Friday, April 10, 2015

Alterntative Silent Prayers for Independent Nichiren Buddhists - 2

First Prayer
Offering to Protective Forces

I sincerely pray to the protective forces in the Universe, that I might add to those protective forces to protect anyone that practices this teaching. I offer appreciation to the shoten zenjin, the functions in life and in the environment that serve to protect us night and day. I pray that their protective power be further strengthened and enhanced through my practice of the Law. (Chant daimoku three times)
(insert individual prayer here)

(chant Sansho)

Second Prayer
Offering to the Law

I express my sincere gratitude and devotion to the Gohonzon and to those who have made this vehicle available
(chant Sansho)

Third Prayer
Offering to the Lineage

I offer my devotion and gratitude to the Shakyamuni Buddha and Nichiren Shonin.
(chant Sansho)
(insert individual prayer here)

Fourth Prayer
Offering for Peace and Practitioner

I sincerely pray for the Great Aspiration of the Buddha, the peace of the land brought about through the purification of the mind.

I pray to expiate my negative karma caused by my slander of the Law in this life and in the past and to fulfill my wishes in the present and the future.

(chant Sansho)

Fifth Prayer
Offering to the Deceased and all of Existence

 I pray for my deceased relatives and for all those who have passed away, particularly for these individuals: (Sound bell continuously while offering prayers. Then chant daimoku three times)
(offer special memorial prayers while
sounding the bell continuously)

I pray for peace throughout the world and the happiness of all humanity

(chant Sansho)

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