Thursday, January 3, 2013

What Have You Got Lined Up for 2013?

My friend Kerry, over on Ginger and Spice asked, at the end of one of her blog posts, "What have you got lined up for 2013?"

Well, 2012 was... interesting... I wouldn't say it was THE worse year in the history of Tam, but it was amongst the most challenging. Also not THE most challenging, but in the top ten. Not that challenging years should have a top ten, mind you. People like recapping top tens. Like the top ten hits of the eighties or some such. Bottom ten, maybe?

We got off to a shaky financial start in 2012 and lost three furbabies in the space of four months. My health was ridiculous. And not ridiculously good. Ridiculously bad. The plus side, though, our business flourished, we gained lots of new clients and bought a second car. Not to mention that our challenges were opportunities to grow closer to each other. I began to transform myself into a healthier being and Madelein and I celebrated four years of marriage in a country, which can be silly about a lot of things, is not silly about same-sex marriage. However unAfrican it may be.

So. What have I got planned for 2013. Let's see:

*  Somewhere in 2012, I lost my ability to tolerate bullshit and fakery. Long may it continue!

*  I have a lot of studying to do. Maths and Science matric - old curriculum. Higher grade. I need tutors. LOTS of them.

*  To finance abovementioned tutors, I have taken on some proofreading work and will be selling my paintings (that I painted, not that I had acquired).

*  Having rediscovered my voice, I would like to put some tunes together and put on a show. A drag king show. A drag king JAZZ show. Just because it's on the bucket list.

*  I intend to do all three Sleek Geek challenges and continue the good work started last year with transforming my health. Yay! And just to be on the safe side, I found a personal trainer who can help me (not all the time - personal trainers cost more than tutors so I can't have a whole one at once). See above financing ideas.

*  I am writing a saga. Bitterhoek. Those who know about it will know about it.

*  A collaboration of words and image with Germaine de Larch.

*  Presenting at least 3 creative writing workshops

*  Meeting my friends in Jozi in the real world more often.

*  Madelein and I are planning a spiritual ceremony for towards the end of the year to celebrate five years of marriage.

There you have it,

What have YOU got lined up for 2013?

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